Bug with spaces in Project name

Jan 30, 2011 at 11:41 AM

If you create a new IFB Porject with space in the Project title, you will get an error while trying to build it:

Error 3 Could not match Hello_World referenced from VisualStudio\source.extension.vsixmanifest to a ProjectReference. Please add a ProjectReference to Hello_World. 

Project: Hello World

You can replace the strins in the source.extension.vsixmanifest file. After that, it compiles, but the Project Template isn´t visible.

I´ve recreated the project without namespaces as workaround.

Besides: Another thing, that made me mad:

If I drag Item and Project templates into the Templates path, i did´nt know, that the Build action has to be set to "Content" and "Include in VSIX" hast to be enabled.